Yatri Project zero and Project one, electric bike launched in Nepal, specifications, features, images

Rs.495,000- Rs.1945,000
       Ex-showroom, Lalitpur(Nepal)

Yatri is the first electronic rechargeable bike ever manufactured in Nepal. All its spare parts were designed in Nepal and co-created with various companies in the US, China, India, and European countries. Two different models have been launched so far; price range varies according to the models. 

Features and Specifications

Model: Project zero

Brand Yatri
Model Project Zero(P-0)
Price Rs. 1945,000
Range 230 km
Full Charge 2h
Top Speed 140 km/h
Kerb weight 190 kg
Acceleration 0.60 km/h in under 2.5 s
Charger 3.3 kw onboard(2 HR full charge)
Power 48 kw (64 hp)
Rake angle 24.5 deg
Max Torque 120 Nm at Shaft (650 Nm at wheel)
Brakes Front:Brembo 2-piston 320 mm disc & Rear:Brembo 1-piston 240 mm disc, Warner Borg E-braking
Suspension Front: 43mm Rcp adjustible USD Forks & Rear:Rcp adjustible nitrogen-charged monoshock
Wheels type Aluminium rims and CNC machined hubs
Tyre type Metzeler Sportec M7RR (Front 110/70-17 & Rear 150/60-17)
Battery Capacity 8.0 kWh
Tyre Size Front - 90/90-19 & Rear - 120/80-18
Ground Clearance 175mm

Yatri, Project Zero model is of comfort with seat height of 800mm, wheelbase 1400mm and ground clearance of 175mm. Riders can connect with on-board 4G network internet connectivity as well using android and iOS antitheft with on-board GPS on demand servicing appointment road side assistance mobile app. No gear procedure is set for this, it has a key in a handle with which the speed can be managed through. Speed measurement can be viewed in the 7 inches display kept at front between the handles. 

Project One model is also of same brand. However, it possesses somewhat different features and specifications than that of Project Zero as listed below:

Model : Project One

Brand Yatri
Model Project One(P-1)
Price Rs. 495,000
Range 110 km
Full Charge 6h
Top Speed 100 km/h
Kerb weight 110 kg
Charger Home Charge - 0.5kw(<6hr full charge) & Fast Charge 3kw (1hr full charge)
Power 14 kw (19 hp)
Max Torque 480Nm
Battery Capacity 3.0 kWh
Ground Clearance 270mm

Ashim Pandey, founder of the company, said that while studying the market he came to know that people think pollution and congestions were the biggest urban problems. He believes that clean-individual mode of transport is an important piece in solving the problem of an urban landscape.

According to him, there is a stereotype on Nepalese brands that locally produced products are cheap and are of lower quality. This mould has to be broken.

Electric mobility (e-mobility) has emerged as one of the most promising technological solutions to replace fossil fuels in road transport. This kind of product helps to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. It also helps to reduce cost as it doesn't consume any kind of fuels and gases. Rather it consumes electric power which is less expensive in comparison.

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